A Gift To Remember

A Gift To Remember

A lifesaving ambulance dedicated in memory of Sylvia and Sam Needleman by their children.

On January 21st 2016 family and friends of Sylvia and Sam Needleman z”l came together in Jerusalem for a dedication ceremony of the lifesaving ambulance donated in memory of the parents via Magen David Adom in the UK.

Elaine Mandel and Peter Needleman were excited to share the wonderful occasion with their family and friends.  “We feel this is a great way to honor their memory and continue what our parents started with Tzedakah for the State of Israel, may it only be used for many births!” said Elaine.

Following the unveiling of the inscription and the handing over of the keys to Israel Katz, the driver of the ambulance, Ido Golan-Gutin of the British Desk at the MDA International Relations Department explained to the family where the ambulance is stationed (The city of Arad in the south of Israel as part of the MDA Negev region), its importance within the organization and the teams that will work on it, mainly comprising of volunteers.
“Thanks to lifesaving gifts such as this ambulance and the wonderful support MDA receives from people like you in the UK and around the world we can continue to save lives each and every day.  We cherish and admire your support and thank you for it.”

Needleman dedication Needleman dedication Needleman dedication