Coronavirus in Numbers – Official Data


Last Week MDA Teams sampled 103,876 people*. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus Outbreak MDA Teams Sampled almost Million People.

Magen David Adom announced on Thursday the 27th of August, that since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak (February 24), MDA teams have sampled 1,053,864 people. The samples where performed over the past months at a variety of sites, nationwide, in private homes, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes as part of the “Protecting Fathers and Mothers” project, educational institutions, and in MDA Drive and Test facilities.

Last week (20-26.8) MDA EMTs and paramedics, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Home Front Command and the HMOs have sampled 103,876 people, the highest number of samples in one week . 6,055 samples were taken in people’s homes and 30,379 at MDA’s Drive and Test facilities.

According to MDA data, MDA EMTs and paramedics sampled 218,939 peoples in homes and in schools.

Test Facilities 

287,751 samples were taken at MDA’s Drive and Test facilities. At the permanent facilities in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva 120,732 people have been sampled. Of those sampled, 50,708 were in Ganey Yehoshua, Tel Aviv, 49,922 in Teddy compound Jerusalem, 14,968 in Haifa and 9,488 in Beer Sheva. In addition, as needed, Magen David Adom operates additional Drive and Test complexes throughout the country.

MDA is continuing to operate the Drive and Test facilities, whilst also carrying out testing in nursing homes and long term care facilities throughout the country and also in houses of various HMOs’ the insured homes of the various HMOs’ insured patients, if necessary
To date, MDA obtained 3,180 samples from travelers who returned to Israel from abroad at a special stand in Ben Gurion airport.

In addition, MDA paramedics have taken 3,000 serological tests, and evacuated thousands of confirmed patients from their home for hospitalization. MDA’s 101 Emergency Call Centers also show a significant increase in citizen inquiries, which reached 16,237 calls a day this week, an increase of about 270% compared to a routine day

Along with taking hundreds of thousands of samples for Coronavirus, MDA blood services continue to collect plasma from those who have recovered from the Coronavirus for the treatment of severely ill patients and the production of a passive vaccine. To date, those who have recovered from Coronavirus have donated approximately 6,363 plasma units. 1,198 units have been given to 599 Coronavirus patients in moderate and severe condition (2 units each).

MDA continues its activity of sampling in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Home Front Command and the four HMOs. They also carry out verified patient transfers to hospitalization, all in addition to the organization’s routine and emergency activities.

How MDA Saves Lives in Israel



Meet our 17 years old volunteers, Noam Shitrit and Noam Eliaz.


“Peace is Israelis’ and Palestinians’ common goal”, said award-winning students Noam Shitrit and Noam Eliaz, volunteers in MDA Israel. They are students at World ORT-affiliated Shikma High School in Israel. At only 17 years old, they already have taken care of a Palestinian child, burnt by a Hamas rocket at the Gaza border. Both students grew up in Gush Katif and are part of the 8,000 Israelis who had to leave their homes as part of the country’s unilateral disengagement from Gaza in 2005. In this video, they share what they’ve learned from their experiences helping Israelis and Palestinians in need.

Magen David Adom stands for the right treat all patients in any situation in Israel, regardless of the religion or ethnicity.


The Magen David Adom’s Sea-Bulance was innaugrated last week and began operations
The Sea-Bulance, the first of its kind in Israel, joined the fleet of Magen David Adom rescue vehicles last week and has already provided medical treatment for those injured in the Sea of ​​Galilee. The Sea-Bulance at Sea of ​​Galilee enables medical treatment within the water itself, including in cases of drowning.
The Magen David Adom’ Sea-Bulance, which was innaugurated last week at the Kinneret, has already been able to assist the sick and injured. Those treated include a man who suffered a severe allergic reaction, a man who felt unwell, a wind surfer who was in distress while surfing, and a young woman who was injured during a cruise in the Sea of ​​Galilee.
In addition, the Sea-Bulance boat assisted in the rescue of a grandfather and his grandchildren, who were stuck in the heart of the Sea of Gallilee due to a technical malfunction in their boat.
The Magen David Adom Sea-Bulance enables the MDA medics paramedics to arrive with advanced medical equipment to patients while they are still in the waters of Lake Kinneret, thus saving critical minutes, versus cases where the injured person receives medical treatment only when he reaches the shore, The MDA teams on the Sea-Bulance provide a quick response to medical emergencies on the shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee, arriving quickly through the sea.
Last summer MDA medics and paramedics treated a hundred and sixty-two people who had been rescued from the sea on beaches around the country, including seven who drowned on the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee. MDA did not wait for the next event and launched the Sea-Bulance in order to save lives.
The Sea-Bulance opens more opportunities for Magen David Adom to be constantly prepared as the only national medical emergency service.



In late 2017 the newly formed Maidenhead Committee was launched and joined many other MDA UK Committees throughout the UK.

A team of 5 committee members kick-started their fundraising with an Inaugural Dinner in February 2018, which raised over £6,000. The dinner met the Committee’s target of raising funds for a Medi-cycle.

Over the coming months the committee will be organising an ‘Entertainment’ Evening and will start planning their 2019 Dinner.

For further details about the Maidenhead Committee please contact Ben Bar-Lev, Fundraising Manager or call 020 3005 7711

Legacy Mission 2018


Sunday 3rd – Friday 8th June 2018

Each year, legacies to Magen David Adom are directly responsible for saving the lives of thousands of people in Israel.

This year, Magen David Adom UK is delighted to offer an incredible and insightful FREE 5-day legacy mission to Israel. You will visit some of Israel’s most beautiful sights and see the lifesaving work of Magen David Adom along the way.

To take part in this historic mission call Racheli on 020 8201 5900 or email

Click here to view the flyer. 

MDA Across the Regions


Regional support for Magen David Adom UK increased considerably in 2018 so far with the launch of three new regional committees – in Maidenhead, Isle of Man and Southend & Westcliff.

MDA UK has organised three inaugural events for the three new committees across the UK – dinners in Maidenhead and Isle of Man, and an Israeli Breakfast Club in Southend & Westcliff.

Professor Shinar, Director of MDA Blood Services in Israel, was present at each in order to raise awareness for MDA’s Capital Project – The National Blood & Logistics Centre – a partnership with the Israeli government, Israeli philanthropists and American Friends of MDA. 

MDA UK Chief Executive Daniel Burger commented: “It is incredible to see the support for MDA UK expand across the UK – from Jersey to Northern Scotland, we are geographically well covered – a real testament to the hard work of everyone involved in our organisation.”

Shimon Peres’ funeral supervised by MDA Israel


The funeral ceremony of Shimon Peres, Israel’s 9th President is scheduled  in Jerusalem on September 30th with the world’s leaders, including U.S.A President Barack Obama, the British Royal Family and Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority President.

Eli Bin, Director General of Magen David Adom Israel, was instructed to dispatch staff and volunteers in order to secure this extraordinary event. Peres, who was 93 years old was a long-time MDA supporter and greeted volunteers many times throughout the years. 

“My MDA”: E-health app from Magen David launched today in Israel.


“My MDA” app, the new smartphone application that was designed and developed by Magen David Adom was launched today in Israel. The “My MDA” app is the easiest way to contact Magen David Adom emergency dispatch and get rapid professional assistance at any time. This is a new step forward in e-health technology and Magen David Adom is always on the lookout to find new possibilities to give the very best assistance, without wasting any precious time. A video campaign was also released today and explains to English-speaking residents and visitors how to use the app.

Magen David Adom Overseas programme celebrates its 25th anniversary.


Magen David Adom overseas volunteers programme is marking its 25th anniversary today. Listen to volunteers from all over the world as they share their lifesaving experiences in our latest video. Whether they are from USA, Canada, Spain or France, young people are coming to Israel to improve their lifesaving skills.