In late 2017 the newly formed Maidenhead Committee was launched and joined many other MDA UK Committees throughout the UK.

A team of 5 committee members kick-started their fundraising with an Inaugural Dinner in February 2018, which raised over £6,000. The dinner met the Committee’s target of raising funds for a Medi-cycle.

Over the coming months the committee will be organising an ‘Entertainment’ Evening and will start planning their 2019 Dinner.

For further details about the Maidenhead Committee please contact Ben Bar-Lev, Fundraising Manager or call 020 3005 7711


Lifesavers is a new and innovative platform that allows the UK Jewish community to support Magen David Adom, Israel’s only national medical emergency response service.

By joining Lifesavers you will be doing more than just making a one-off contribution to a worthy cause. Instead, you will be joining a global ‘club’ and saving lives in the process.

By joining Lifesavers you will become part of an exclusive group and enjoy benefits including: breakfast with President Rivlin, a private tour of the House of Lords, and an opportunity to participate in the Young Professional Mission. Additionally, you will be showing ongoing support and commitment to Israel’s only medical emergency and blood service, and ultimately, saving more lives in Israel.

No matter what level you join at, you can be sure that your contribution will be making a lifesaving difference to the people of Israel and those in need around the world.

To become a Lifesaver and help MDA to save more lives click here.



Young MDA

About Us

Young Magen David Adom was founded in 2004, with the mission of raising awareness of and funds for Magen David Adom amongst young professionals.

Having witnessed the Magen David Adom infrastructure and facilities in Israel and spent much time with the volunteers and leaders of the Charity, the committee fully understands the needs of MDA and its reliance on its supporters and donors.

Over the years YMDA has held an array of very successful, well-attended events. All the events have been themed and managed to exceed expectations.

Get involved

For more information, please contact Ben on 020 8201 5900. 



IMPROMPTU is a dedicated ladies committee with a dedicated following.

Over the years IMPROMPTU has raised funds for an ambulance which was dedicated during a Ladies Mission to Israel.

100 pagers, a refurbished Armoured Ambulance, Medical Equipment and baby training equipment have all been purchased as a result of IMPROMPTU’s fundraising efforts.

Events have included an annual Literary Lunch with Fay Weldon, Boris Johnson, Santa Sebag-Montefiore, Elaine Paige, Howard Jacobson and Nancy Dell’Olio, Theatre Outings and visits of a cultural nature to art galleries, Kensington Palace, Clarence House etc.

For more information, please email Natalie or call 020 8201 5900. 

Hull Friends

The Hull committee recently raised funds to purchase a Ta’aran, a new innovative vehicle which acts like a mobile warehouse.

Magen David Adom Israel have recently taken out of commission some of their older Mobile Intensive Care Units and refurbished them into what they call a Ta’aran.  These are used during major incidents such as suicide bombings or multiple car accidents and are available to supply additional medical goods, stretchers and other essential items.

The Hull Friends held a film quiz at the Communal Centre.  It was devised and presented by Tony Drake, a member of the Hull Friends of MDA.  The function, which included a supper, raised over £1000. With a further £2000 raised during 2011, a defibrillator has now been purchased.

Anita Coupland Chairman
Conrad Segelman Committee Treasurer and Correspondence Secretary
Gordon Daniels Committee Publicity

For more information, please email Natalie or call 020 8201 5900. 

Dinner Committee

Our Dinner Committee is responsible for organising every element of our annual fundraising dinner.

Dinner Committee:

Patricia Abram

Ruth Amar

Beverley Calvert

Gina Edwards

Lorraine Grossmith

Frances Kirsh

Leonard Lass

Louise Naftalin

Elizabeth Peltz

Sagi Saltoun

Nicholas Springer

Rosalyn Springer

For more information, please email Natalie or call 020 8201 5900. 

Christian Friends (CFMDA)

What is CFMDA?

Christian Friends of Magen David Adom was founded in 2006 by Christians who want to bless Israel, in a very practical way – all the people of Israel including Jews, Arabs, Bedouin, Druze and others. Their initial aim was to provide an ambulance to be deployed in Israel with the words “Christian Friends of Magen David Adom UK” written on the side. This has served as a witness to the people of Israel that many Christians are standing with them during what is a most difficult time in their history. Through their good work the CFMDA group wants to alter the perceptions of Christians and the Christian faith and demonstrate that everyone can work together.

To date, Christian Friends MDA UK have raised funds for seven ambulances (stationed in Nazareth, Tel Aviv, Carmiel, Rishon, Be’er Sheva, Afula and Jerusalem, the latter two being dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Hadassah medical convoy massacre), a blood mobile (vehicle for collecting the much needed blood supplies) and an Emergency Room at the MDA station in Kiryat Shomona.

Our Current CFMDA Project – Four Medicycles

We are now raising funds for four medicycles which will represent the healing of the paralytic man at Capernaum. The medicycles will represent the four people who carried the man to Jesus to be healed. This was effectively “the first ambulance”! The collective total cost of these Medicycles is £60,000 (£15,000 each).

CFMDA Committee

The late Norman Feingold

Reverend Mark Madeley

CFMDA Executive:
Jean Brannigan

Alan Chester

Barbara Dingle
London & the South East

Gill Edgar

Alan Ferguson

John Harrold

Helen Lineen

Tony Stone
West Midlands

CFMDA Donor Relations Manager:
Jackie Hutchinson
[email protected]

Angela Blair
[email protected]

For further information on future events, please contact the office on 020 8201 5900.

Cambridge Friends

The Cambridge Friends of Magen David Adom has been organising events since 1968, and we are fortunate that the Cambridge Jewish community support us so well.

Over the years we have been instrumental in Magen David Adom receiving various items, amongst them 4 ambulances, 2 defibrillators, a medical motorbike and disposable medical supplies. We are currently raising money for a Lifepack 500 defibrillator.

We have had a great variety of functions over the years — coffee mornings, tea afternoons, dinners, musical evenings, talks, Desert Island Discs evenings, quizzes, garden parties. Sometimes we have a joint function with the university students. For Israel’s 50th birthday we put on a play which involved the whole community and for which we obtained an Arts Council Lottery Funding grant.

We usually have three functions a year:- a tea afternoon in the Autumn, an evening event in the Spring and an annual Garden Party in the summer.

If you live in the Cambridge area and would be interested in participating in MDA events, then please email Natalie or call 020 8201 5900.