Guidelines for a Safe and Happy Purim

MDA has released the following guidelines for Purim.

  1. Don’t let children cross the street with masks on. Masks substantially reduce one’s field of vision.
  1. While making costumes one must ensure the use non-flammable materials only. Cotton, feathers and plastic wraps are flammable and can dangerous for children and adults alike.
  1. Firecrackers of any kind should be strictly forbidden. They can cause severe burns, eye injuries and in some cases limb amputations.
  1. Don’t fire cap guns near the eyes or ears.
  1. If someone has an allergic reaction to makeup or face paint, remove it from their skin. If they experience swelling and sensitivity associated with symptoms such as a breathing difficulty, itching or swelling, sit them down and call 999.
  1. Refrain from over consumption of alcohol! Alcohol abuse can result in alcohol poisoning and even death.

In no way do these guidelines represent a replacement for treatment or diagnosis beyond your first-aid knowledge. These guidelines do not aim to replace professional rescue efforts. In any medical emergency, seeking professional medical help is advised. In case of an emergency, please follow these instructions:

  1. Distance the patient away any danger such as roads, balconies, electric machines, vehicles, etc.
  1. If the patient is unconscious and unable to breathe, call 999 and then begin CPR.
  1. Turn the patient on their side in case of vomiting. Do not let them drink any liquid, as due to the loss of reflexes they may inhale the liquid into their lungs and choke.