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Ambulances and intensive care vehicles

A special air train from the United States, with ambulances and intensive care vehicles that will assist Magen David Adom in treating the wounded as early as this weekend, was sent by the American Friends of MDA

11 mobile intensive care units (MICUs) and 6 ambulances donated by the American Friends of MDA will arrive in Israel during the coming weekend. The ambulances and vehicles left the factory in the state of Indiana and will be put on 4 direct flights that will take off from New York to Israel, and after a quick preparation will be immediately delivered to Magen David Adom teams.

The ambulances and intensive care vehicles will join MDA’s rescue vehicle fleet across the country, which is currently on peak alert: 1,400 MDA ambulances and MICUs, some of which are bulletproof, are used by MDA’s EMTs and paramedics who save lives and work while risking their lives.

MDA Director General, Eli Bin: “I thank our dear donors in the United States, for their willingness to help Magen David “