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Bnei Brak Attack

MDA EMT Lipa Hirsh who treated the victims of the terror attack recalls: “we heard the shots at the MDA station and immediately went in the direction of the shots. On Herzl Street we came across a man in his 30s lying unresponsive. He was not breathing, didn’t have a pulse and had suffered gunshot wounds. We performed medical checks and found we had no choice but to pronounce him deceased. Approximately 100 meters from him, further down the street, we came across a 40 year old man, lying unresponsive with gunshots to his body. An additional MDA team which arrived to the scene provided him with medical treatment and conveyed him to Beilinson Hospital in critical condition. With my team, I continued to the scene at Hashneim Street at the corner of Bialik Street where we found 3 victims, 1 in a car and 2 lying on the sidewalk, all unresponsive. We performed medical checks and had no choice but to prounounce them deceased.”
Last nights report of the terrorist atrocity in Bnei Brak. The critically injured patient was an Israeli Arab police officer who killed the shooter but was critically wounded. He did not survive.
 The five victims killed in the recent shooting in Bnei Brak have been identified as two residents of Bnei Brak, two foreign workers, and a member of Israel’s security forces
The two foreign workers were from Ukraine and were Ukrainian citizens