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Over the last three days more than 1,000 have been indiscriminately fired at Israel from Gaza. Vehicles and buildings have been hit and there have been a number of Israeli casualties. Recent days have also been marked by projectiles from Gaza causing numerous fires, riots in Jerusalem and conflict elsewhere inside Israel.

Magen David Adom, having been under pressure for the last year due to the Covid crises, has during the last 48 hours substantially increased paramedics on duty and delivered increased blood supplies to Israeli hospitals as a precautionary measure. Assistance has already been given to casualties of the conflict. Unfortunately, it currently appears likely that conflict will escalate and rocket and other attacks from Gaza will continue. There is also a risk of such attacks being launched by Hezbollah from Southern Lebanon.
To support Magen David Adom’s essential life saving work we are today launching an emergency appeal for donations. Your support will be greatly valued and appreciated. Donations can be made through this website’s donation portal.

Alan Shatter
Chairperson, Magon David Adom, Ireland
12 May 2021