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MDA EMT Delivered Two Babies within Four Hours

Daniel Yaso, an MDA EMT and ambulance driver, began the morning shift in a completely routine manner about a week ago (Tuesday). Yaso has been working for the organization for three years, during which he has treated a wide variety of cases and thousands of patients, but had yet to deliver a baby.
About a week ago, during the shift, only a few hours apart – Yaso was required to delivers two babies of residents of Netanya when he was evacuated to Laniado Hospital in the city. In the first infant, a boy was born at 08:27, followed by a girl at 12:20.

Tesfahon and Atitgb Tsekla said after the birth of their son: “It was an easy experience but Daniel’s presence made it easier. He was capable and professional. G-D really sent him specifically to help us. ”
Gadi and Ayala Makata excitedly told about the birth of their daughter: “Daniel is really professional, we were impressed by his calmness and seriousness. One moment he was driving the ambulance and as soon as the EMT who was with him told him that the birth had started, he stopped at the side of the road and together they gave birth to our daughter. We were both very relaxed thanks to them and we are very thankful to them for helping us in these happy moments. We have no words to thank them.
Yaso said excitedly: “For three years I was waiting for this moment. During the MDA medics course I learned how to deliver a baby and also practiced it with smart dolls, but I was a little worried about the first birth I would have to do on my own. I received a double dose of joy and helped delivering two healthy, cute babies. In my first birth, I was a little nervous. By the second birth I was already more experienced and relaxed. Now I’m already looking forward to the next case.