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Update 9.30am 12/15/21

Hamas has fired an anti-tank missile against a vehicle in southern Israel. MDA teams are risking their lives by rushing to the scene while rocket sirens sound all around them to provide medical assistance.

Currently there are 3 casualties from the event and a helicopter has been mobilized to evacuate the victims. Our teams will continue to protect the citizens of Israel no matter the situation.

Eli Bin MDA Director General: Two Israelis were fatally wounded and another injured by an anti-tank missile fired from the northern Gaza Strip into Israel. Hamas’ military wing claimed responsibility for the shooting.

Update 12.15am 12/15/21

MDA Spokesperson, further to the sirens heard in Holon: MDA EMTs and Paramedics are treating and evacuating 3 injured to the hospital in moderate condition. Among them are a 50 year old man, a 30 year old woman and a 5 year old girl. An update will follow as needed.
MDA Spokesperson’s update as of 00:15 on Wednesday May 12: since the beginning of the rocket fire yesterday evening, MDA EMTS and Paramedics have pronounced 3 women deceased who were killed from a direct rocket hit. In addition, 46 people were evacuated for medical care including 30 with physical injuries, 2 in severe condition. Of the 30, 1 81 year old woman is in severe condition with a multi-system trauma, a 30 year old with shrapnel to the upper body, 4 in moderate condition, 24 who were mildly injured by shrapnel and 16 who were injured on their way to a shelter including a 50 year old woman in severe condition with a serious head injury.

43 people with stress symptoms were treated by MDA teams with some even requiring further treatment at the hospitals.

In addition, 46 people have been injured by the riots and rock throwing including a 56 year old man in severe condition, one in moderate condition and 44 injured lightly.

MDA blood services have provided 650 blood units and blood compartments to hospitals.

MDA remains on high alert throughout Israel and reminds the public to heed the Home Front Command instructions and in case of a medical emergency call MDA’S 101 emergency call center.

Update 4.30pm 11/15/21

Casulties update 4:30 PM Israel time: During this afternoon, MDA EMTs and Paramedics have provided medical treatment and evacuated to hospitals 45 Israelis. 1 in severe condition, 2 in moderate condition, 21 in mild condition, 15 suffering from stress symptoms, 3 received medical attention on site. MDA paramedics determined the death of two Israeli civilians. 

Update 3.50pm 11/15/21

MDA Spokesperson, an update to the incidents in Ashkelon as of 15:50: since the morning MDA teams have declared 2 women deceased and evacuated 8 injured to Barzilai, including an 80 year old in unstable and severe condition with multi system trauma and 7 mildly wounded of which 5 were injured by glass shrapnel and 2 were injured while running to the shelters. 14 victims with stress were treated by MDA and some of which were evacuated to the hospital.
MDA remains on high alert and reminds the public to heed the instructions of the Home Front Command and call MDA’S 101 Emergency Call Center with any medical emergency.