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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Magen David Adom Will Vaccinate the Nursing Homes in Israel

The vaccine drive for the elderly is underway. Under instructions from the Ministry of Health, Magen David Adom will begin a widespread vaccination effort in Israel’s nursing homes.

Magen David Adom has been at the forefront of Israel’s fight against the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic and has collected more than 3 million samples, will be responsible for vaccinating all residents and employees of Israel’s nursing homes.
MDA has been active in the “Magen Avot V’Imahot” (Protecting Mothers and Fathers) program and has obtained more than 1.4 million samples in the nursing homes across Israel. This was done with great care and directly assisted in reducing the spread of the infection. Magen David Adom is prepared and ready to perform this task at the highest professional level due to its extensive experience with Israel’s elderly population.

MDA Director General, Eli Bin: “As Israel’s National Emergency Medical and Blood Services Organization who was the first to respond to the frontlines of the coronavirus, we are very proud to take part in this national effort which was entrusted to us by the Ministry of Health. This decision comes following our proposal to Chairman Nimrod Maimon, in which we provided a detailed plan to vaccinate the residents. This is a critical national task of the utmost importance and I am certain that we will be able to provide the vaccinations in a rapid, professional and efficient manner to all residents around the country and continue to do our part as a national organization to end the coronavirus pandemic in Israel.”