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Update on terrorist attack in Hadera

*MDA Spokesperson, Zaki Heller” Update on the shooting in Herbert Samuel St. in Hadera – MDA EMTs and Paramedics are treating and conveying 4 patients. 2 males in their 20s with serious injuries, as well as a male, 45, and a female, 20, with moderate injuries.

2 others are being treated in the field, as well as the two terrorists.

Several people are being treated for shock.

Update on the shooting in Herbert Samuel St. in Hadera, MDA EMT Viki Kelly told:

“This is a very serious incident. We saw 6 victims, some lying on the road and some on the sidewalk, all with bullet wounds. We performed a primary triage in the field, provided life-saving treatment and conveyed 2 seriously wounded and 2 moderately wounded to hospital. In the field there was a male and female who had no signs of life and unfortunately we had to pronounce them dead.”