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Where is Israel at now?

MDA spokesman: injured update Guardians of the Walls” operations, May 20 2021 11:05

Today (Thursday May 20 ) since midnight until May 20 at 11:05, MDA EMTs and Paramedics provided medical treatment to 3 injured people in mild condition after injuring on their way to the bomb shelter* since the beginning of “Guardian of the Walls” operations, 348 injured received medical treatment from MDA EMTs and Paramedics throughout the country, 10 killed from a direct hit, explosion blast, and shrapnel and 2 that suffered critical injuries on their way to the bomb shelter and died from their wounds. 115 were injured from shrapnel, explosion blast, and shattered glass, 7 in severe condition ,13 in moderate condition ,95 in mild condition. 221 people were injured on their way to shelter, 1 in severe condition, 5 in moderate condition, and 215 in mild condition.

247 people suffering from stress symptoms received medical assistance from MDA teams, some needed additional hospital medical care.

At the riots across the country, MDA teams provided medical care to 196 people injured a man, 56 year old suffered from critical injurie to his head and died from his wounds, 10 in severe condition, 30 in moderate condition, and 155 in mild condition.

MDA is in a high level of alert and is in direct contact and coordination with the security systems.

We ask to remind the public to follow the lifesaving guidelines of the Home Front Command, and in any case of a medical need to call MDA 101 emergency phone number.