Key Projects

Magen David Adom UK supports a number of key projects that Israel relies on.

These include:

  1. Disposable medical goods

    Every day, our medics rely on thousands of items of disposable medical equipment and without them we could not exist. A staggering £2,500,000 is spent on these items every year. These are constantly in short supply due to the huge number of daily emergencies and mass-casualty situations.

  2. Medical equipment

    Our medics deal with life-threatening situations like heart attacks every day. This is why every ambulance is fitted with reusable medical equipment like defibrillators. Without this essential piece of lifesaving equipment, which can cost from £3,000 to £11,500, many more people would die.

  3. Training

    Staff development is an integral part of our work. In Israel it is compulsory to receive first aid training from the age of 14 and, with so many of our staff joining the organisation at this age working through to adulthood, there is a constant need for training. Courses are organised for everyone at an annual cost of over £500,000.

  4. Geographic information satellite system (GPS)

    Thanks to this revolutionary system, our dispatchers are able to see where every ambulance is 24 hours a day. Within minutes they arrive on the scene enabling us to save thousands more lives. This system is now installed within each ambulance but it costs MDA £250,000 per annum to keep it updated.

  5. Ambulance stations

    We have over 100 stations across Israel that constantly need upgrading and relocating to both improve out-of-date facilities and help avoid traffic congestion. Our stations require regular basic repairs like plumbing and electrical work to ensure they can provide an effective and efficient service.

  6. The blood service

    We are committed to delivering the safest procedures to the people of Israel. Specialist equipment is required for use in bloodmobiles and donor rooms, to improve volunteer donor safety and collection procedures. We distribute over 300,000 units of blood each year via blood bags that cost over £3,500,000 per annum.

  7. The National Blood & Logistics Centre

    Magen David Adom is embarking on an ambitious campaign to build an £80m state-of-the-art blood and logistics centre. It will be funded by a three-way partnership between the Government of Israel, the American Friends of MDA and MDA UK. The success of this project will guarantee Israel’s blood supply in the face of rapid population growth, the on-going threat of terrorism and the increasingly complex risks of cyber-attack. Click here for more information.

Magen David Adom UK’s annual requirements