Magen David Adom continues to save thousands of lives by responding to over 600,000 calls every year. That’s more than one call a minute. From road accidents, births and everyday emergencies to suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks, Magen David Adom is at the scene at speeds not bettered anywhere in the world. Arriving on average within 8 minutes, Magen David Adom is Israel’s only ambulance and medical emergency response service, providing expert emergency treatment to those in need.

The First to Respond

In order to optimise the chances of saving lives, Magen David Adom developed a system whereby First Responders can get to an accident in those first vital moments. It has a fleet of specially designed motorbikes/medicycles which can be the difference between life and death as they negotiate the heavy traffic that is so common in Israel’s bigger cities. The 3-wheeled bikes have maximum manoeuvrability and optimum stability, and carry vital supplies including advanced resuscitation equipment.