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MDA Youth Volunteers saved the life of man

Three MDA Youth Volunteers saved the life of a man who collapsed while playing soccer – they recently met for the first time since that day: “I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep the whole night”

Oriya Lore, and Elior and Netanel Shwartz are 15-year-old MDA Youth Volunteers. On Friday two weeks ago, they were returning from a Scouts activity in Kochav Yair where they live, when they noticed Yaakov Blanca (69) was sprawled on the ground unconscious. They ran towards him, assessed the situation and started CPR.

They also connected a defibrillator to Yaakov that assessed his heart rhythm and immediately advised an electric shock. Following the shock, Yaakov’s pulse returned and he regained consciousness.

This week, for the first time since the incident, the Youth Volunteers, Elior and Netanel, were thrilled to meet Yaakov, who thanked them for saving his life.

Yaakov Blanca, whose life was saved: “I play soccer in Kochav Yair every Friday, I didn’t feel any distress during the game, and it was very sudden. While I was running on the field, I suddenly felt as if someone had disconnected the electricity and I collapsed. The next time I woke up was in the ambulance and I did not remember anything. All the doctors told me that it was, of course, your actions that saved my life. Two weeks before this happened, my daughter gave birth to twins, so thanks to you, the twins have a grandfather.”

Oriya Lore, MDA Youth Volunteer to Yaakov: “I was returning from a Scouts activity and saw you lying on the ground with people around you, I ran over, moved people out of the way, told them that I was an MDA volunteer. I saw that people had raised your legs and called the MDA 101 emergency call center. I pressed really hard between your shoulder and neck and there was no response, I realized that you were in cardiac arrest. Netanel and Elior arrived at that point, brothers who are also with me in MDA. I asked them to run and get the defibrillator that I knew was nearby.”

Elior and Netanel, MDA Youth Volunteers: “We got the defibrillator and attached the stickers, while we were on the phone with the paramedic in the 101 emergency call center, Oriya gave you the shock and we saw that you pulse returned. We were thrilled and excited. When the MDA ambulance team arrived you regained consciousness and woke up.”

Oriya, Netanel and Elior were very excited to meet Yaakov. Oriya Lore: “The night of the resuscitation I couldn’t sleep as I was so excited. I really wanted to meet, and I’m so happy to see you standing here today and talking to us.”

Zaki Heller
MDA spokesperson