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As you already know, Israel was attacked by Hamas early Saturday morning, the 7th October, with rockets and multiple terrorist infiltrations across the border from Gaza. As of the most recent report, over 1,300 Israelis have been killed, most of them civilians, including women and children slaughtered by gunmen both in their homes and on the streets in border communities. 

More than 2,500  people have been injured, both by rocket and gunfire and it is reported that over 100 have been kidnapped and taken to Gaza. The remains of some of those murdered have also been transported to Gaza, some put on display in Gaza to excited crowds . The depravity is unbearable.

  As always, the men and women of Magen David Adom are risking their lives to save the lives of others and are on the front line. MDA is at full operational capacity, at a cost of over one million shekels each day, and is preparing for a prolonged and very serious campaign

Over the past week , some MDA paramedics have paid a dear price for their bravery and sacrifice. At least nine Magen David Adom paramedics have been killed and several others wounded, including two critically. The first to be murdered was Aharon Chaimov, (25) of blessed memory, shot by terrorist gunfire Saturday morning when driving an MDA ambulance on his way to treat the wounded in his city, Ofakim. The bereaved include his wife and two young children.

We extend our condolences to the families of all those murdered and wish a speedy recovery to all the wounded from their injuries, including the many taken to hospital by MDA ambulances

There are reports that two MDA ambulances have also been captured by Hamas terrorists and driven into Gaza. We are still trying to ascertain the whereabouts of several of our EMTs and paramedics, fearing they may be injured or among those Israelis abducted by Hamas. 

This is unlike anything Israel has previously experienced. And it could get exponentially worse if Hezbollah fully joins the conflict and begins deploying the 150,000 rockets and missiles it’s acquired specifically to use against Israel. Hezbollah mortar fire has already targeted  three sites belonging to the IDF in the Sheba Farms area in Northern Israel. There have also been skirmishes near the border with Lebanon which have resulted in the death of three IDF soldiers. At this time it is unknown whether Hezbollah will further escalate its involvement

As I write this, I’m receiving continuing reports of horrific incidents, terrorist barbarism and of MDA bravery in tending the wounded.

The people of Israel and MDA need your help. If you’ve considered making a gift to MDA IRELAND, it’s needed now.

  • Your donation will help acquire additional ambulances, outfit ambulances with lifesaving equipment and wound-stanching dressing.
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  • And it will provide more personal-protection equipment, such as ballistic vests, to make our EMTs and paramedics as safe as possible under these horrendous conditions.

Please help Magen David Adom in Israel save lives. Any donation you can make positively assists the vital work of MDA and we urge you to support MDA in this time of agony and crises. Donations can be made through our donation portal by clicking on or by direct bank transfer to Magen David Adom Ireland, IBAN: IE86BOFI 900252 82522151, BIC: BOFIIE2D. 

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Sincerely yours,

Alan Shatter

Chairperson, MDA Ireland