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MDA Teams on the Frontline: A Day Amidst Chaos

Anything that I’ll say about the things that I saw and the things that I experienced yesterday, won’t come close to explaining what really happened there.

It was a battlefield, bodies of men, women, children, the elderly, even animals.

I treated soldiers who were seriously injured. We treated police officers and civilians while under fire from Kalashnikovs and rockets that fell a meter from the ambulance, we kept going like robots. More than once we ran out of medications on the ambulance and had to go restock.
Anyone who didn’t see MDA teams working yesterday in the south, under a hail of bullets and rockets, hasn’t seen what real self-sacrifice is.

The first thing we learn on every course is Safety, but yesterday we didn’t think about Safety, we went out to save lives in the knowledge that we may not return, and the moment wasn’t far away. The teams were interested in only one thing, to save as many lives as possible. And we did that. We saved the lives of trauma victims with very complex injuries.