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Update for Guardians of the Wall

MDA Spokesperson’s update for Guardians of the Wall as of 16:00 on May 15, 2021:

MDA EMT’s and Paramedics have treated today (Shabbat 15.5) since midnight until 16:00 46 injured including 7 injured by shrapnel, a 55 year old male who was pronounced dead in Ramat Gan and 6 who were injured lightly. 33 were injured on the way to the sheltered area. During the violence 6 were injured lightly. In addition MDA treated 24 suffering from stress symptoms.

Since the beginning of the missile attacks on May 10 and until 16:00 on May 15 MDA teams have pronounced 10 deceased (8 from rockets and 2 women who were critically injured on the way to the sheltered area) and treated 636 injured.

646 injured were treated by MDA EMTs and Paramedics all around Israel. Of those injured, 109 sustained bodily injuries. 8 have been killed, 6 are in serious condition, 11 are in moderate condition and 84 are in mild condition after having been injured by missiles and shrapnel. 156 were injured whilst running to the sheltered area including 2 women, a 50 and 87 year old. 5 in moderate condition and 149 injured lightly. 189 injured during the riots and due to stone throwings including 9 injured severely, 30 moderately and 150 lightly.

192 people have been treated for stress symptoms, some of whom required evacuation for further treatment.

MDA remains on high alert around Israel and reminds the public to continue to heed the instructions of the Home Front Command and call MDA’s 101 Emergency Call Center for any medical emergency.