Hull Friends

Hull Friends

The Hull committee recently raised funds to purchase a Ta’aran, a new innovative vehicle which acts like a mobile warehouse.

Magen David Adom Israel have recently taken out of commission some of their older Mobile Intensive Care Units and refurbished them into what they call a Ta’aran.  These are used during major incidents such as suicide bombings or multiple car accidents and are available to supply additional medical goods, stretchers and other essential items.

The Hull Friends held a film quiz at the Communal Centre.  It was devised and presented by Tony Drake, a member of the Hull Friends of MDA.  The function, which included a supper, raised over £1000. With a further £2000 raised during 2011, a defibrillator has now been purchased.

Anita Coupland Chairman
Conrad Segelman Committee Treasurer and Correspondence Secretary
Gordon Daniels Committee Publicity

For more information, please email Natalie or call 020 8201 5900.